Metaphysics is a traditional  philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being .Everything  is connected in the universe. A person who studies metaphysics is called a metaphysicist[4] or a metaphysician.[5] The metaphysician attempts to clarify the fundamental notions by which people understand the world, e.g., existence, objects and their properties, space and time, cause and effect, and possibility


All disease are curable, mother Earth has been providing everything we need. Psychosomatically induced health issues. Love related questions, problems, I`m here to help you, any problem you`ve got there is always a solution. I`m life style specialist, master trainer energy healer, sergeant, herbalist. Please feel free to ask me any question you`ve got, I will get back to you shortly.
It would be easy to simplify any situations in our life. Take a look  what books were written on the causes of mental illness. A simple question, for example. what is the cause of the headache or my spinal hernia etc Without knowing the specific person to give advice, read the books listed capabilities. Yet the problem is rarely so simple.
I would like to list the conditions that need to be in a state of emotional impressions, events, etc. thinking pattern. disease in must be:
 1. disposition (astrological formula) Birth
 2. Our Personal
 3 Personal life stories, events, experiences, traumas
 4. Has learned and processing problems, ways of coping
 5. Previous taken from life, karmic heritage. etc...
Of course, these are not independent of each other. Therefore, we react so differently to the effects of which are coming to us. To find the real reasons, these should prompt consideration. Then comes the faulty patterns, programs (scripts) transcription.
And one more thing: because the emotions are much more deeply encoded (physically, more ancient parts of the brain) than the conscious activities, so the rational decision ( "I promise to forgive XY's.") Without the emotional pattern rewriting it would be a very difficult work. The only problem with those methods, which offers rapid dissolution, can not be removed, especially if this healing will be made without the involvement of the client. There will be a temporary relief, lasting change hardly.

Love& Light& Wisdom

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Magdolna Szarnyasi